Protect Massachusetts Kids

Every year, more than 6,700 Massachusetts kids get hooked on tobacco. And tobacco companies are always finding new ways to attract kids.

Their latest scheme: Introducing cheap, sweet and colorfully packaged tobacco products such as little cigars. These products come in an assortment of candy and fruit flavors, including chocolate, blueberry and apple. And because they're taxed at lower rates than cigarettes, they're more affordable to kids.

Massachusetts can protect kids by increasing the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products — including candy-flavored chewing tobacco and little cigars. Research shows that the more tobacco costs, the less people use it — especially kids.

A $1.25 increase in Massachusetts' tobacco tax would prevent 34,000 kids from becoming smokers. And it would save 19,500 residents from smoking-caused deaths. Learn more about the benefits of increasing the tobacco tax.

Increasing the tax on other tobacco products would protect even more kids and save even more lives.

These tobacco tax increases would also raise more than $150 million in revenue to fund important state programs.

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